Places to Dive

On this page I'd like to share some of my favourite dive sites with you and my experiences of them. But as always, use your own common sense with regards to your own skill level and comfort in the water. If you have any questions or would like some more information about any of the sites listed here, please get in touch with me at: or leave a comment in the blog.

Scapa Flow & the Northern Isles

Scapa Flow and the Northern Isles
Scapa Flow & the Northern Isles (Orkneys)

Loch Long

Conger Alley (shore dive)
Conger Alley (shore dive)
A-Frames / Finnart (shore dive)
A-Frames / Finnart (shore dive)
The Caves
The Caves (shore dive)

Loch Creran

Serpulid Reef (5th Layby on the Left)