Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The glamorous life of a final year PhD student...

I'm sure by now several of you will have noticed a rapid drop-off in the number of blog posts I've been putting out over the last few weeks. The reason, quite simply, is due to a gradual build-up of PhD-related work since the new year that has been stealing my free time!

God bless Calvin & Hobbes. I wish it was this simple! 

As you'll all know already if you've been reading this blog for a while, I'm currently studying for a PhD looking at the ecology of deep-sea fish and how they make use of different types of habitat from the edge of the continental shelf at around 200m all the way down to the abyss at almost 5000m. Last year was the year when I got to do all my fieldwork which sent me out on ships to the abyss, to Scottish coral reefs, to Angolan oil rigs and even all the way to New Zealand just before Christmas!

It was a fantastic experience and I got to see some cool things, some of which I've been able to photograph and share with all of you. But now comes the hard part! I come to the end of my funding at the end of the 2013 and so the next few months will be mostly filled with spreadsheets, statistical analyses, mathematical modelling and processing A LOT of photos! Unfortunately, that means that I'll be largely tied to my desk in order to get through it all, and it also means that this blog may well see a bit of a decline in the number of updates I'm able to get out. So I'll apologise for that now and save you all wondering what is going on!

But, while I might not be heading out for much more field work, in order to stay sane I'm planning on taking the RIB out when I can and getting a bit more diving in than I have been getting over the last couple of years and will try and keep you all updated with those whenever possible. I've also got some more guides in the works and will post them too once I've had a chance to update them, so I will be keeping things moving along with this site, they just might not be as regular as usual!

If nothing else though, I AM heading back to the abyss one last time at the start of April for a bit of experimental trawl fishing, so I will certainly keep you updated on how that all goes. So, chances are the next post from me will be from the high seas! Yar!

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