Friday, 15 June 2012

Zan is not a ninja photographer

And after what feels like no time at all, the cruise has come to an end and we are back in Glasgow. It's just as grey and wet as when we left all those weeks ago back in the middle of June, but it's definitely good to be home again for a break before the next one! I will post up some of the cruise highlights over the next few days once I've caught up on some sleep, but for now I wanted to share a small collection of photos that I've taken over the course of the cruise. I'm typically much more used to shooting wildlife, but by being one of the cruise photographers for the last month I've spent a lot more time than usual photographing people, which has been an excellent learning experience. I'm a huge fan of reportage-style photography and it's an area I'd like to develop into a bit more. Still, it doesn't always work out quite as planned and being spotted sneaking around with a long lens is not quite the look I was going for!

Here is the set of photos I like to call 'Zan is not a ninja':

Anyway, I'll be back soon with some more photos and some of my favourite images from the trip.