Friday, 22 February 2013

Friday of Interesting News: 22nd Feb 2013

Sorry for the lateness of this everyone, I've been out all day supervising a dive for my boss and it took rather a lot longer than anticipated! Hopefully this'll give you something to read over the weekend though:

Nikon announce 24MP D7100 DSLR
Sony announces mirrorless camera (NEX-3N)
The iPhone gets a new underwater housing, but how good is it?
BT Tower takes a record-breaking panorama of surrounding London
Our World Underwater Competition 2013 Winners announced

Marine Biology
Unusual winter sighting of sperm whales off Scotland's west coast
Do fishery catches really reflect how many fish there are in the sea? World leading scientists are divided.

So your beef might be horse? Big deal! Red Snapper could be one of 30 species
New fishing net cuts cod bycatch by 60% in langoustine fishery

Deepest ever hydrothermal vents found by UK team at 5000m...
...and they're dropping pig carcasses nearby. Find out why. 
Velvet belly lanternshark avoids predators using glowing spines

Alvin returns to servicebut are subs the best tools for deep-water exploration?

Arctic ice in a 'death sprial'. Will we have an ice-free Arctic again?
Sea level rises are a settled fact and will come with global warming

Great Barrier Reef to be photographically mapped to establish rates of change

Divers save a stabbed tiger shark
And a baby dophin is freed from an 'aerobie'
More evidence that dolphins call each other by 'name'
Whales benefit from reductions in ocean noise
The end of the sawfish?

Could squid fly? Totally! (if they really wanted to)
Raja Ampat shark & ray reserve is approved
Why marine reserves could benefit even oceanic sharks
The world's most abundant virus has been found in the deep-sea

That's your lot! Have a good weekend!