Friday, 8 February 2013

Friday of Interesting News: 8th February 2013

Now that I'm back from the land of snow and ice that is Austria, it's time to get back to our almost-regularly scheduled Fridays of Interesting News!

National Geographic disappoint by awarding a photo of a captive tiger top prize in their competition
Jason Isley turns tiny sea beasts into terrifying man-eaters in his wonderful portfolio
Feeling the cold? Not these guys! A wonderful shot from BBC's new series 'Spy in the Huddle'

Marine Biology

Sea urchins may hold the key to creating an effective carbon capture device...
...But sharks could hold a treatment to cancer!
MEPs vote to reform the common fisheries policy this week and end discarding - find out what it means here
Polar bears 'doomed' without a plan to save them
A new species of 'lazy predator' (a zoarcid fish) has been found in the deep sea

Want to learn everything cool about the sea? Check out the TED Ocean Wonders talks!
Don't have time for TED? This'll do instead.

How big can a giant squid get?
Corals look very cool under a laser microscope
The 10th MBA Postgraduate Conference is open for registration as of this week.

Tomorrow I'm off out with the RIB to the Clyde to give some of my colleagues a bit of boat handling practice, so if I have any decent photos to share with you from that trip I'll hopefully get them online over the weekend.

Have a good weekend!