Friday, 11 January 2013

Friday of Interesting News: 11th Jan 2013

This week in the news:

Marine Science
The fight to save the Millport Marine Biology Station continues. Sign the petition and make a difference!
The first bluefin tuna of the year sells for a record price in Tokyo, Japan ...
... but we need to be cautious about the conclusions we draw from such high prices.
A superpod of dolphins spotted in the Irish Sea
TED-Ed: A beautiful video about conserving our stunning coral reefs
Beluga whales may be heading for extinction
A giant squid has been filmed alive in its natural habitat for the first time ever!
Scientists are a step closer to understanding why some corals are able to withstand warming seas
A pod of killer whales got stuck in ice in Hudson Bay, but got out again.

My brand new guide 'How to Compose a Great Wildlife Photograph' is now online and proving popular!
New citizen science project enrolls members of the public to review camera trap photos.
National Geographic give their tips on improving your travel photography
Stunning images out this week of a family sheltering from the bushfires in Australia

And Finally...
If you missed it, check out #OverlyHonestMethods on Twitter. Who says scientists can't have a sense of humour?

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