Friday, 4 January 2013

Friday of Interesting News: 4th Jan 2013

Happy New Year everybody and welcome to your first news roundup of 2013! As you might expect there are a lot of reviews of 2012 and 'best of -' lists kicking around on the internet at the moment, so here are a few of the better ones.

2012 Reviews
2012's most viral science videos
Top news stories from the London Natural History Museum
Animals that went extinct
Top 11 Ocean Stories of 2012
The top five posts from Deep-Sea News

TED-Ed: How Photography Connects Us
BBC's latest Attenborough Series 'Africa' started on Wednesday. Check out iPlayer if you missed it!

Marine Science News
Still looking for a New Year's Resolution? National Geographic has 10 for you!
Shell oil rig runs aground in Alaska
Record numbers of seal pups born in Norfolk this winter
Five organisms with real superpowers to rival their comic book counterparts
Deepest corals in the Great Barrier Reef discovered at 125m depth
Are jellyfish numbers really on the rise?
Poor weather washing Oceanic Sunfish ashore in the UK
Roman shipwreck reveals more secrets
Scott of the Antarctic may not deserve his bad reputation

Art & Design
Who wouldn't want one of these beautiful laser-cut wooden charts?
Ever wonder what a Narwhal really is? Ed Yong reveals all via twitter
Are your children not terrified enough of bathtime? Try these!
Must learn to knit one of these!