Friday, 18 January 2013

Friday of Interesting News: 18th Jan 2013

Friday? Then it's time for the news!

Marine Science
Bored? Help science and watch videos! (Thanks to Laura J for the link)
How one man can change an entire scientific field: Ed Yong writes about Bob Paine's influence
Why has the old sea ice left the Arctic and why should we care?
Barnacles have famously large penises, but new research throws their reputation into doubt
Southern Fried Science have an interesting article on the future of deep-sea research
More evidence that crustaceans can feel pain may have consequences for the fishing industry
New light shed on a weird gelatinous creature from the Cambrian
Diving under frozen Antarctic lakes. For Science!
Everything you ever wanted to know about deep-sea squid having sex

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition is now open for entries
'Beneath the Waves' video competition now open for ocean-themed entries

And finally...
I totally want one of these!


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